Seminar, Workshop, Field Study and Exhibition


BUZZ / A parasitic-media intervention in an Indian Insects Laboratory

August 2014 at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Artistic field study of Daniel Fetzner and Martin Dornberg with the research group mbody in cooperation with German und Indian students. The participatory mediography will study research practices at the Centre for Ecological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, which explores the social system of wasps.

This project will document the relationship of the scientists with their insects. It is focusing on rhythm phenomena and on current embodiment theories like enactivism, extended mind and embeddedness - in laboratories and in the field. The setting is confronting collective strategies between observer and the observed from the following point of views:

  1. The participatory filmers
  2. the collaborative scientists as well
  3. the collective superorganisms of the social insects

The results of this artistic research will be exhibited and further discussed at T66 art gallery parallel to the Ethnographic Freiburg Film Forum in May 2015.

In cooperation with Sristhi School of Art, Design and Technology/Bangalore and the Center for Anthropology and Gender Studies at Freiburg University

Participatory Observations / Workshop

22./23.05.2014 at Hochschule Offenburg

Interdisciplinary workshop about Participatory Mediography. Thereby we understand a collective ethnographic method in order to describe knowledge practices via multi-perspective and non-linear narrative strategies. In a mixture of lectures, working rounds, practical units and film screenings we discuss potentials of this interactional approach.

The workshop serves as a preparation for a participatory mediography, which shall take place in Bangalore/India in summer 2014. Besides the theoretical exchange amongst all participants a main aim of the workshop is to create interdisciplinary production units for the interactive documentaries.

Daniel Fetzner (Hochschule Offenburg), Marion Mangelsdorf, Martin Dornberg (Freiburg University), Ute Holl (Basel University), Oliver Ruf (Hochschule Furtwangen), Raghavendra Gadagkar (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore), Vasanthi Mariadass (Srishti School of Art and Design, Bangalore) et. al.

Humans and (their) Animals / Joined Seminar

March-July 2014

Design students at Hochschule Offenburg, students of cultural anthropology and philosophy students at Freiburg University work together. In teams out of 3-5 people they create Participatory Mediographies on the observation of the relationship of »humans and (their) animals«. The documentation takes place in three steps:

1. participatory filming, interviews, texts, animations etc.
2. video elicitation of selected sequences with all participants of the field
3. non-linear and interactive storytelling with the software http://www.klynt.net

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