Class minutes, Questions and Agenda


 What makes us perform the study, what are we curious about in relevance to the project?

Do we want to make it commercial? Do we talk about globalization and local politics in relation to the sewing industry? Is there any relevance?

How do the performers deal with the delay of transmission? How do the performers perceive the situation they are in? IS it relevant to the nature of their performance?

Agenda: Text passages Get in touch with factory Find dancers Design the flyers for 'seminar'

Tentative schedule: Monday: dancer contacted by daniel not replied yet Thursday: posters for seminar should be up

                                                                       (CAMPUS) URBAN CINEMATIC IRRITATING SPACE INTERVENTION

	A simple outline of the entire final project has already been described: three separate performers, relying on one
 another’s work to carry on their own performance, connected through the video calling social platform Skype. 

I thought taking our audience into accord, one of the Srishti campuses would be interesting. I understand that greater distance between the three spots of performance give the entire system of performances an additional ‘wow factor’, but there are several more ways one can play around by having the performances close by, and yet not in direct proximity.

By having an audience that can rotate between performances, we establish a connection that provokes audiences to grab other people and include them as members of the audience, by dragging them from one performance to the other.

A simpler route for the set up team will be established, making set up and the battle of obstacles a simpler task.

By having the performance in one of the Srishti buildings, we get to advertise our projects as a solely art college+ visitors performance, which increases the prestige of the performances. Apart from that, any of one of the three performances being held directly outside the campus will attract the locals of the area of Yelahanka. This performance should ideally be the more traditionally Indian act of the performances, as it will attract the locals with the mindset that srishti has organized something for their entertainment.

This could be a risky affair as srishti is generally disapproving of anything that attracts local attention to its campuses and student body, but if handled properly and tastefully, can ease some tension in between the srishti lifestyle and Yelahanka.

Alternately, we can have all three performances situated on three corners of one campus, and through décor, establish connections between the performances employing techniques like paint on the ground, kannada instructions, rope, crepe paper etc. I expect a local audience to be more excited about performance that one can imagine.

A likely building to host the performances would be N3 (New, new campus) as it is a hub for a lot of the younger, more junior students of the school. From some observation, the new foundation year students and current core skills students are interested and intrigued enough to be a lively audience. We just require some default performance setups, for example, a stage (or a distinct performance area), lighting, and some fun party party elements like giant balloons, inflated beach balls, confetti, etc.

By taking these factors into accord, I feel like our design school performance shall be a success.