Technical Setup

Kushal & Rigzin

    To start with, I would like to list down all the equipment that we have secured till now.
     5 DSLR cameras.[for Documentation]
     4 tripods.[for Documentation]
     1 microphone.[to be fitted on the actor/speaker]
     1 goPro
     1 webcam - by Daniel.[for transmitting video from factory to N2 screening room]
     2 laptops with Skype installed.
     2 speakers in the N2 screening room.
     1 projector in N2 screening room.
     1 screen in N2 screening room.
     1 Dongle/ data card.[to provide internet in factory].

We were informed by Daniel that video is just one way, which is from factory to the screening room. So we haven't arranged for a second screen. The factory space is booked for half n hour on Monday [1 pm to 1.30 pm]. We will be ready with every equipment required for the set up. Skype has been tested in both the laptops and screen capturing software has been installed and tested. A mock Skype conversation was conducted in N2 screening room to check the projector, micro phone and speaker's sound quality. The internet dongle/data card is borrowed from a colleague and has been activated for 7 days with maximum usage capacity of 1 GB. The activation charge was rs.300. Webcam has been tested.

Question / doubt -

 Why do we need audio both the way ? what sound can be transmitted from N2 screening room to factory?


Hindrances - The microphone's chord is too short. We are trying to get an extension for the same. We cannot figure out how to completely omit the smaller video box in Skype. [the box in which you see yourself]. We are searching for a software that converts "Camrec" files to "avi" since the screen capturing software cannot export the video in "avi". We have to ask the concerned authority for permission to remove chairs from the screening room.[as Daniel wanted chairs to be out]. We haven't secured the extension chords.