Stage/Exhibition Design/Light and Sound

Ishaan & Kritisha

Stages: The factory: A woman dressed like a factory worker, belonging to the place rather than standing out as an intellectual reads an intellectual text.

Seminar room: The dancer and the audience is divided by a translucent blind/shower curtain. the dancer's stage is elevated at 2 feet from the floor. The dancer can only hear the actor in the factory through headphones.The actor's side is projected on the curtain by a projector. Tentative services: providing bottled water for the audience.

TODO: 22.11. check lights, final location, sketch, two alternative designs, costumes,

Location: Screening room,N2. Chairs-all one colour,if possible not the blue ones.

Lights: OCB projectors from ramayana remix.

Costumes: Reader: Light yellow salwar kameez, gold jewellery,hair tied in a plat.

Dancer: A leotard, hair tied up,minimal makeup.

Sketches: hand drawn on book.

TODOs 23-11

test the projector for the video and quality.