Hansa & Uma

The posters and invitations are mainly an announcement of the event and not simply to attract an audience that will ultimately not be interested in our experimental project. Agenda of the posters -

  • Mainly informative of the event and not simply glamorous.
  • To attract a specific audience only who will be interested in this type of project (qualitative audience)
  • All the details of the performances and the main objective of this project.
  • Emphasis on the fact that the performances are for an experimental project.
  • Less revealing of the details of the event than the invitations.
  • Includes all the details of the event., artists involved with a bit of their descriptions, the date, venue and time of event and a brief concept note.



22.11. looking for pictures, cloth, talk to textile classes, Facebook invitation

- Yesterday, 21.11.12, we spoke to the in charge of the Screen Printing class in Old Campus, and he said that any type of cloth may be used to print and the easiest and less costlier way would be to screen print on to the cloth that we get. We were thinking we could use a thicker kind of cloth so that the print looks better and intact. However, the problem with screen printing would be that it is highly time consuming and we would have to undergo a lot of trials and errors to get proper prints.

-We also contacted some printing companies that print on cloth but they suggested we bring our own material, but it will be expensive, also including the cost of the cloth. We are still do decide, however, if we are using cloth as the printing base, how much length we require.

-Also, the Facebook invites have been sent to Uma, Kushal, Puja and Ishaan. We will require the access to accounts of Rigzin, Daniel, and Kritisha to send as well. Some text needs to be edited as of now regarding the time and abstract.

-Below are the three out of the million images that we searched through on the internet and now we are to create are own images, using the below as references and inspiration for our posters, logo, invites.




Some rough sketches for the posters and invites: