Concept (detailed):

The reader will enact fragments from Deleuze/Guattari* at a garment factory. The reader will be dressed up like one of the factory workers and will be reading&enacting the text in a very day dream-like or surrealistic way as she drifts away into her thoughts and imagination building a secret world entangled with words that spur out from the text. As time passes and the factory workers slowly start to come back to their desks, she jumps back to reality and into the monotony of the place. The dancer , on the other hand, perceives the text, rhythm and the atmosphere of surrealism created by the actor at the factory and communicates it through her movements. The screen which is placed between the audience and the dancer becomes the fine line of distinction between reality and perception.

Research Questions; The agenda of this experimental project is to discover how the dancer absorbs the text and expresses the same through his or her movements. How do the two performers deal with the delay of transmission? How do the performers perceive the situation they are in?

Dancer: Sowmya (9916542428)