Uma Sharma


Hanged Up There

"People look here and there, Not a moments rest seems to be here."

When we are at the bus stop what are we actually going through. What does one think about? Something about the idea of a bus stop is short lived. Its a space people are waiting to leave. Its not one of their intimate spaces.

As I see people turn their heads up every time a noise passes by. Impatient motion is evident here. The feeling of boredom, the wait for relief keeps on ticking. A random thought struck my mind while I was sitting on the stop thinking while tapping my foot, " Wouldn't it be better if the chair moved?"

Thus the idea of a rocking chair crept into my mind, and I decided to hang it up as one sitting on a bus is bound by fate in a way, waiting for the moment to happen. As the piece by itself looked really isolated, sound of the surroundings where needed in order to inculcate the energy of the atmosphere.

What to do for the Final Project?

  • It will be really interesting to take a step forward into seeing what it is that creates a hyperlocal space. Making people realize of this space that they interact with at a daily basis. The space in which we interact through the use of media is to clearly change the time and space of the place.
  • The idea of the Skype performance is an interesting experiment to perform but who will be the active audience in it is the question? Personally, I thought the performers can be the active audience. And, instead of keeping them in 3 different places, why not keep them in the same space and in the vision of the passer-by’s. It will be the people who will connect in the shape created by the 3 performers who choose to in act and perform their own voice and rhythm based theme. People can experience the different performances together. The performers will have their headphones on and will interact clearly through the use of media (laptops, headphones, etc.). They will not be facing each other and can only interact with the others performance through the media interface. They can perform for the public or can for their media partner, that’s a decision for them to make.
  • People get to be part of the space physically while they observe the performers interaction with media. Maybe creating a sense of curiosity amongst the public at the performer’s interaction with their own media personal space, oblivious of the public space that they are present in currently.
  • Another interesting potential I see is through the use of art and creating another dimension but in the hyperlocal space, I still haven’t explored this idea further yet.