Rigzin Tsewang


I liked the idea of performing by ourselves or other whys we could take help of the professionals and participate in it. Being part of the game is something to experience rather than to just see what’s happening and record whatever is happening. The idea of doing something regarding everybody’s own fields is pretty good like the people who are interested in illustration can do illustrations based on the random topic, music interested people can perform and so on. But I didn’t get the idea of practicing everything and finally performing on the final day as the main aim of the project is to perform randomly. Or other whys, every group can practice on whatever topic they chose to but only the group will be able to know about their own topic and till the final show they will be practicing on it. For instance the illustration group will work on a topic and the music group work on their own topic but the group won’t know about the other group’s topic. Then finally on the final day every group has to perform in such a way that it has to bring the essence of their own topic and at the same time they have to merge with every other group to make a single piece which will have a new meaning.