Sub 1

                                            Concept for Urban Media Interventions 

                                                          By - KUSHAL SANGHAVI

In the first class of this course everyone discussed their interests and hobbies. The class had a variety of interests covering music, performance art, installations, illustrations, etc. In next four classes we learnt about the intentions and content of this course. We saw couple of Skype performances directed by Prof. Daniel Fetzner which gave us further clarity.

So keeping in mind the motive of the course and taking advantage of the variety of interests in class , I propose the following agenda.

Manoj and Rigzin can play guitar well. They can work on a music piece, if that interests them. This music piece won’t be made available to anyone before the performance.

Van wanted to interact with people/artists outside Srishti. He can get in some artists or performers from outside.

Pooja is interested installation. She, along with few others, can work on installations which will be put up during the performance. If there are 3 performances, then she can design 3 installations for each.

Kritisha and Hansa are good at illustrations. They can form an another set of performers.

Rest can join any of the above group, depending on their interest.

Skype will be the medium for this performance.

The idea will be that all the performers will practice their respective performances every day. Work on installations, cameras and all other technical requirements will be carried on simultaneously. We will be the organisers as well as the performers. The class can work in their respective teams throughout the day and can have one meeting every morning discussing their progress and get feedbacks. Final performance on the last day can be at 3 different locations and all 3 locations can have a display of what is happening at other 2 locations. There can be a 4 th location where we can just display what is happening in all 3 locations.

This agenda, according to me, will make the class more energetic, enthusiastic, experimental and very productive as it is a blend of course’s motive and its student’s interests.


The assemblage assignment -

     My assemblage is based on an amphitheatre podium in Srishti school of art, design and technology. The podium is basically used to practice/ perform dance, theater and at times even music. Every year students of Srishti perform during the graduation ceremony of their seniors. I too take part in these performances and so I wanted to capture my feelings in these assemblage.
     Being a hip hop dancer there is a constant feel and flow of amplifying energy around me, when I am on this podium. Be it practice or be it performance, being on this stage makes me feel special, powerful and energetic. I am a different personality when I am in that space.
     The assemblage resembles a music system and also a stage made up of glass which glows. The concept of glowing glass represents my feeling of being special. There are speakers in the assemblage ,which is the found object in this space. There is a screen in center which plays a hip hop dance performed on this podium. The graffiti done around the screen represents the amplification of energy around me.