Kshetrimayum Manoj Singh


Sub 1

Concept for interim project

For this project I would like to go for Skype performance using different places and their activities.The idea is to connect people in an imaginary platform or space in virtuality. So what are our requirements ? Theme, Performers, location , Audience etc. Theme is indeed very important role to play to convey the message to the audiences. it can be "MAKING A SONG" because it needs different things or activity to make it happen where the choice of places becomes very important. Having 3 very distinct places could help capture the true sense of improvisation by the performers which is the basic concept of this project. Coming to audience. who is the audience? is it the surrounding people or is it also include other? is there any possibility broadcasting in television these are the question arises to me. I want to use the media Television to broadcast but I don't know as far as possibility is concern.

Now comes execution which is the main part of this plan/ exercise. for this we need people and we have very few people. Dividing ourselves in different parts in different task will help a lot.