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Research question: What are we trying to understand by this intervention? <<<<<<<

Assignment 1: To choose a location, observe the activity and life for 1 hour to recreate the place and its spirit through an Assemblage'.

Assemblage' Clay Apparition.

Concept note: The site I visited is Nrityagram- a village for dancers. As I entered the gates of Nrityagram, I found myself being awed by the spirit of this place. It runs on Guru-shishya parampara from epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana,where a student resides with the guru in his Kuteeran and and is taught skills,while he lives self-dependently and learns skills offered by the Guru. My assemblage tries to encompass the spirit of this place, use of the earthy colours and materials,intrinsic to Nrityagram, try to narrate a story in their capacity,as an Indian Classical Dance takes inspiration from its natural surrounding and recreates the movements bound by the rules inherent to the form and movement. The assemblage with its many clay animals tries to hint at stories that inspire dancers to imitate and improvise on the many movements nature offers continuously. Rhizome like how? =======