Hansa Sahu

Interim project concept

  • Concentrating on the interpretation of space of the performers.
  • Observe the reactions of the audience, if any, and how distinct they are from place to place.
  • Three physically distant places, but culturally very similar.

The idea of having these similar places is to see how differently, or similarly the performers interpret the spaces and inspire from them for their respective performances. Each performer will have a very distinct musical instrument which they will use to portray their emotions of the space they are in, probably not just by Skype, but through a simply audio based media. A fourth place may be incorporated where the audience comes together to experience all the 3 musical pieces of the performers.

  • Is it important to have an audience? if yes, then what type of audience? An invited audience or an audience that is present in the space already?
  • Who are the performers?

The basic concept is to capture the emotions of the performers, and how they improvise based on their places and not to concentrate so much on the audience.