Transcultural workshop with Egyptian and German students

FACE ON – Enactive Identities in Skype and Facebook

December 14-15, 2010 | I-Bau Furtwangen University | » Program

DAY 1 - SKYPE and the two handed trim saw

		"See me, feel me, touch me"
	 	 The Who

Moderation by Prof. Daniel Fetzner with research group mbody, Freiburg

If people meet face to face this is creating an enactive intersubjectivity in a shared social and bodily space. In contrast an online conversation via Skype obviously creates a different experience of mutual incorporation between the participants. As the philosopher Thomas Fuchs writes "lived bodies of both participants extend and form a common intercorporality as an interaction and coordination of two embodied agents" (Fuchs 2010). To what extend can the appearance of a partner in a skype conversation be considered as a lived body?

On the first day of our workshop we will explore and compare the potentials of face to face encounters with online communications as an artistic research. In the workshop with Egyptian and German students the transcultural dimensions of this incorporality will be explored. Therefore we will re-stage the experiment of the German neurologists Christian and Haas (1949) with patients sawing wooden tree trunks. The saw experiment does give many informations about human-human, human-environement and human-computer interactions and different forms of embodiment and intercorporality.

Time Speaker Topic Institution
10:00 Prof. Dr. Bruno Friedmann , Prof. Daniel Fetzner and Robert Eikmeyer
Welcome Remarks and Introduction to the workshop
10:15 Dr. Monica Alarcon Hyperculturality: Culture and Globalisation Freiburg University
11:45 Group 1 Facial Stimulation and Artistic Application Furtwangen University
12:15 Dr. Dr. Martin Dornberg Embodiment and Intercorporality Freiburg University
13:00 Lunch
16:00 Dr. Dr. Martin Dornberg “The two handed trim saw” Workshop Freiburg University
17:00 [~~]D Tea Time
17:30 Katja Wahl Computer≡Identity Furtwangen University
18:00 Group 4 Panel Discussion “Models of Communication” Furtwangen University
18:30 Prof. Daniel Fetzner Christian Fischer? Presentation and Discussion “Skype Performance” German University in Cairo

DAY 2 - Big brother FACEBOOK - Monitoring and Observation?

		"Seeing is having at a distance."
	 	 Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Moderation by Robert Eikmeyer and Prof. Dr. Bruno Friedmann

The second day starts with a presentation and discussion of French philosopher Michel Foucault’s ideas from “discipline and punish”. Foucault describes a shift from punishment via torture of the body to a system of observation and resocialisation represented by the model of Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon. Bentham’s vision of a total observation was a role model for a lot of observation systems.

Today the media are on the one hand a means of observation (monitoring cameras, body scanners etc.) on the other hand offer a lot of opportunities to get rid of total observation (using McLuhan’s idea of media as extension of the body or strategies of camouflage).

Time Speaker Topic Institution
09:00 Robert Eikmeyer Introduction Day 2 Furtwangen University
09:15 Group 3 Panel Discussion "Discipline and Punish" Furtwangen University
10:00 Bernd Dudzik? "Fake Facebook Identities" German University in Cairo
11:30 Christian Fischer? "Hart aber Fair - Facebook a Necessity?" German University in Cairo
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Group 2 Panel Discussion "Face Modelling" Furtwangen University
14:00 "Very nervous waiting for Godot": Crosscultural Performance@MediaSynthesisLab Furtwangen University
15:00 [~~]D Coffee Break
15:30 Final Meeting