Site Specific Media Interventions

Course MD901 Winter 2010/11 | Prof. Fetzner, B. Dudzik, C. Fischer

Explorative Media Exploration in Mobile Spaces

"Perception is action" Heinz von Foerster

Through the massive dissemination of location based media systems during the last decade site specific adaptions are gaining a growing importance. The course "Site specific media interventions" is dealing with the permeation of interactive media technologies and real environments in cultural and commercial contexts.

Keywords: mobile spaces, linearity vs cyclicity, body memory, mega city, translocality

Tuesday, 10:15 in C3-122 or individual meetings

Syllabus 9th Semester

1 Mar 08 Kick off Review of Topics Timeline for Implementation
2 Mar 15 Review of Topics Start according to timeline
3 Mar 22 Individual Meetings (10.15 - 13.30)
4 Mar 29 Individual Meetings (if requested 11-13h)
5 Apr 04/05 Individual Meetings with Daniel (only if arranged via email)
6 Apr 07 CairoRoundabout Presentation of a GUC Media Exploration with the performance artist Harald Kimmig at Goethe Institute Downtown at 8pm
7 Apr 12 No class - Midterm Exams
8 Apr 19 Midterm Presentation Review the state of the Project
9 Apr 26 Individual Meetings (10.15 - 13.30)
10 May 03 Individual Meetings (10.15 - 13.30) Just pass by when you have questions
11 May 10 No class - Activity Week
12 May 17 Obligatory Individual Meetings (10.15 - 13.30) Meeting reservations via mail
13 May 24 Individual Meetings (10.15 - 13.30) Meeting reservations via mail
14 May 31 Individual Meetings (10.15 - 13.30) Meeting reservations via mail (Bernd & Christian only)
15 Jun 7 Individual Meetings (8:30 - 10.30) Meeting reservations via mail (Bernd only)
16 Jun 14 10.15 - 13.30h - Deadline and Final Presentation! Update the WIKI and have your papers and documentaries!

Course Outcome

Students will develop the ability to develop appropriate media solutions for urban, social and corporate contexts. They will aquire technical skills as well as a conceptional competence to deal with complex medial interventions from art shows to trade shows.

The learning objectives are divided into 7 fields:

  • Site Analysis and Genius Loci
  • The Public and the Private Spheres
  • Body and Media
  • Spatial Design
  • Situation Based Interfaces
  • Interaction Design
  • Usability



References and Textbooks